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Tuesday, 24 June 2008 09:23

ALBERTS BEKKER VORSTER PILLAY LAW GROUP INC provides development support services to the Client to provide for the most cost-effective means of developing their site. With the expertise of ABVP, the client is able to delegate the time consuming aspects of the land development process with confidence.

ABVP brings to each project years of knowledge and experience in the land development field. The professional team of ABVP have years of experience on both the engineering and development sides of the process. ABVP and its partners have developed solid relationships with area municipalities, utility districts, consultants, developers, homebuilders and other area entities.

In the land development business, there are numerous aspects of the development process that need to be addressed: coordination of the consultants, communication with the municipalities and utility districts, review of design methods, and coordination with private utilities among other items.

It is essential that the developer be guided through the development procedures by a single entity that is capable of pulling the various aspects of development together and managing on behalf of the developer - that entity is ABVP. The advantages are numerous: cost effectiveness gained by expediting the process through the coordination of the consultants and municipalities, effective communication through ABVP to perform the liason, oversight of the performance of the various consultants, establishing a local presence and single contact for as the developer's representative and other items which are expressed in the scope of services.

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