ABVP Law has become a powerful team that is able to make inroads in areas that clearly provides a platform for serious empowerment. The team is compact and creative which makes decision-making virtually instantaneous thus providing an edge over top heavy companies. A fine knowledge of the industry, a wonderful feel for development and an extensive network of key players in the arena make this team extremely competitive.


ABVP Law provides development support services to the Client to provide for the most cost-effective means of developing their site. With the expertise of ABVP Law, the client is able to delegate the time consuming aspects of the land development process with confidence.

ABVP Law brings to each project years of knowledge and experience in the land development field. The professional team of ABVP Law has years of experience on both the engineering and development sides of the process. ABVP Law and its partners have developed solid relationships with area municipalities, utility districts, consultants, developers, homebuilders and other area entities.

In the land development business, there are numerous aspects of the development process that need to be addressed: coordination of the consultants, communication with the municipalities and utility districts, review of design methods, and coordination with private utilities among other items. It is essential that the developer be guided through the development procedures by a single entity that is capable of pulling the various aspects of development together and managing on behalf of the developer - that entity is ABVP Law. The advantages are numerous: cost effectiveness gained by expediting the process through the coordination of the consultants and municipalities, effective communication through ABVP Law to perform the liaison, oversight of the performance of the various consultants, establishing a local presence and single contact for as the developer's representative and other items which are expressed in the attached scope of services.


Property Law is the area of law that deals with the rights and obligations in respect of property. It governs the various forms of ownership / possession and control in real property (land as distinct from personal or movable possessions) and in personal property, within the legal system.

In our law, there is a distinction between movable and immovable property. Movable property roughly corresponds to personal property, while immovable property corresponds to real estate, and the associated rights and obligations thereon.

  • Property Development; and
  • Property sales; and
  • Negotiating and drafting of agreements relating to property transactions; and
  • Various applications, consents and endorsements; and
  • Ante-nuptial contracts
  • Finance and security transactions; and
  • Opening of township and sectional title registers; and
  • Transfer of properties – freehold and sectional title; and
  • Mortgage and notarial bond registration solutions; and
  • Sub-division and consolidation of properties
  • Township and sectional title developments
  • Conventional and sectional title transfer of properties
  • Leases; and
  • Bond Originating solutions; and
  • Servitudes
  • Property law & contractual solutions; and

The Partners and associates of ABVP Law has considerable experience and specialist skills in Property Law and with experienced and dedicated support staff provide legal property services to major corporate clients, property developers, townplanners, architects, financial institutions, property brokers and agents, and local authorities.

  • Service Information
    ABVP Law offers professional legal services on property development of every kind including inter alia, drafting of agreements of sale, development agreements, joint venture agreements, sale and lease back agreements, warehousing agreements, leases and documents of security.
  • Townships
    ABVP Law offers professional legal services in township development, including opening of township registers, advices and representations on all townplanning issues relating thereto and all subsequent transfer work.
  • Townplanning
    ABVP Law appear before Townplanning Tribunals and give professional legal advice on all townplanning issues including inter alia, endowment and engineering services contribution disputes.
  • Sectional Title and Clusterhouse Development
    ABVP Law and its associates have handled previous numerous developments in this field, including the structuring and setting up of Owners Associations.
  • Conveyancing Solutions
    The ABVP Consortium has a first class team who attend to conveyancing registration work of every kind, including township registers, property transfers, sectional title and cluster development registrations and subsequent transfers, mortgage and notarial bond registrations and servitudes

ABVP Law acts for many property developers and financial institutions and provides a truly seamless service. ABVP Law specialise in all aspects of commercial property transactions and conveyancing solutions, advising clients extensively in regard to the development of properties, office and industrial parks, shopping malls and filling stations. ABVP Law also provides advice in regard to cluster and sectional title developments, sale and purchase agreements, options, leases, development agreements, building contracts, shareholder and joint venture agreements. Advice on the tax implications of a property transaction is also available in collaboration with other tax practice areas.

ABVP Law provides advice and support on all property related matters to most of the practice areas in the firm, particularly in regard to the major mergers & acquisitions, securitisation and financial restructuring.

The ABVP Law Pre-Litigation & Dispute Resolution team provide an effective and solution focused dispute resolution service relating to disputes arising out of property related matters.


By providing a highly skilled and experienced managing partner, backed up by a dedicated and enthusiastic site personnel, all aspects of the project will be managed to ensure that the client's objectives are achieved.

In order to achieve this, special focus is applied to the following management processes:
  • Co-ordination
  • Scope
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Resources
  • Communications
  • Risk
  • Procurement

Fast-tracking of projects undoubtedly has “time value of money” benefits on certain projects, but this method of execution is not necessarily cost effective on all projects and should not be adopted without careful consideration.

Fast-tracking carries a substantial cost and particularly where the procurement process is uncertain and unreliable, a process of careful pre-planning and manufacture could be far more beneficial. This is particularly relevant to refurbishment projects but also applies to new projects.


In typical projects, the consultant and construction team expect the client to know their requirements and be aware of the implications. In more complex projects, the client requirements become a process which requires careful management to identify the needs, review and understand the options, prior to making an informed decision, the outcome of which is clearly understood. The situation is further complicated where operations input is involved, as these requirements need careful management and interpretation to ensure that they are in line with the overall project objectives.

This process needs to be co-ordinated by a manager with a knowledge and understanding of the operation, as well as the design and construction aspects of the project. Proper development management will provide and maintain operating criteria which is approved by the client and operations, and integrate this into the design and construction brief.


  • Residential Development Finance (Minimum loan of R10m)
  • Commercial Property Finance (Minimum loan of R3m)
  • Residential property finance, building loans, further bonds and re-advances
  • Bridging Finance on property transactions

ABVP Law known as “property investment and development” specializes in Residential and commercial property development and specifically assisting clients in acquiring all relevant rights, finance and investors for their projects. ABVP Law has a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants. ABVP Law is customer orientated and provides professional services and advice to the last detail of the client preferences and specifications. We work with a team of professionals:

  • Quantity Surveyors,
  • Site Managers,
  • Architects,
  • Project Managers,
  • Corporate Lawyers
  • Attorneys
  • Civil & Electrical Engineers.

Fractional vacation homes are real estate developments on golf courses, ski slopes, beaches or in sought after urban locations which provide all the amenities of luxury homes combined with the benefits of first class hotel operators such as reservations, concierge, housekeeping, grocery shopping services, maintenance and refurbishments.

Cost Effectiveness:

Fractional ownership can be defined as the collective ownership of an asset, usually one with a high monetary value. Owners typically purchase a share in a residence, usually between 1/4 share to 1/13 share giving you a certain number of weeks per year at the property. By only paying for the time you use, fractional ownership is a more cost effective way to stay in desirable locations.

Legally an Asset

Legally, fractional ownership is no different to other forms of shared ownership, such as syndications or timeshare. With most timeshare you pay for the usage right over a specific time during the year but you do not own the property, directly or even indirectly. It is therefore not always considered an asset, whereas under fractional ownership it is. Timeshare is normally cheaper than fractional ownership

Categories of Fractional Ownership

There are three categories of fractional ownership: Syndication Model or Classic Fractions High-end Fractional Private Residence Clubs