ABVP Law is an International Law and Accounting Firm, established in Pretoria since 2005

ABVP Law is an International Law and Accounting Firm, established in Pretoria since 2005. We entered into various associations with international law firms situated in the United States of America, Switzerland, Canada, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Argentina, Austria, Malawi and other countries. ABVP Law seeks to enter into international professional partnerships in order to provide international law applications as an integrated one stop turkey solution offering to our international clients. Our most important objective is to serve our clients worldwide with the most professional, honest and expeditious service. ABVP Law provides clients with a team of in-house local, expatriate professional partners and associates with a global view of international law and accounting standards, ready to provide the accurate advice for every client.


ABVP Law’s modus operandi is to expand our international business offering to our international clients on a worldwide basis.

Practicality takes precedence

ABVP Law knows their corporate lawyers must bring more than above average legal skills to the table. Companies need corporate lawyers who reflect the way they do business. In an era of ever decreasing margins, every service must be worth its cost. Legal services are no different.

Allocating resources wisely can mean the difference between success and failure. Spending time and money preparing for contingencies that never occur is the sign of a poor tactician, both in business and in law. Conversely, losing an opportunity because of a lack of preparation also can be damaging. With that in mind, ABVP Law makes it a point to work closely with our clients to understand their businesses and their goals on each matter. Though ABVP Law easily transmits information around the world in seconds, we will travel anywhere to achieve the results our clients expect.

We're quick and we're focused:

Time is always of the essence. ABVP Law gets straight to the heart of the matter to deliver optimum and cost-effective solutions. ABVP Law operates in the fast-paced international business world, where we promise and deliver dynamic, results-oriented advice. Our solutions will put our clients ahead of their competitors. ABVP Law has practical corporate lawyers and problem solvers who take a "hands-on, get out from behind the desk" approach to solving our client problems.

Sensitive to our client's budget:

ABVP Law recognizes companies are concerned about legal fees disproportionate to the amount in dispute or to the effort actually required. By paying special attention to the economics of each matter, ABVP Law delivers efficient, quality representation. With our client's advice and consent, ABVP Law matches the task to the skill level required to maximize efficiencies without sacrificing quality. We have absolutely no interest in providing service that is 'adequate' or merely 'competent.' Our standard is different: a customer must always get more from us than they have reason to expect. Hold us accountable. We want that.

We obviously cannot tell you everything about our capabilities on our web site, nor, most importantly, can we discuss exactly how we can help you with your particular legal needs. For that, we urge you to go to our contact us page and tell us a bit about your situation, so that we can know how to assist you.


ABVP Law has grown quickly by providing top-flight representation to our clients on their international law and trade, corporate, real estate, pre - litigation, and other law matters. A number of the world's leading law firms have selected our corporate lawyers to assist on matters requiring expertise in overseas dispute resolution. ABVP Law focuses on the small and medium sized businesses that operate internationally. Our international one-stop turnkey solution offering to our clients through our international associations are also an international resource and business information for our clients and others interested on an international basis.

Like the best international companies, we think globally and act locally. Our corporate lawyers have handled legal matters around the world and throughout the United States. We have achieved this fact by developing close relationships with a worldwide network of key personnel, including government officials, consultants, expert witnesses, local legal counsel, and ship's agents critical to getting the job done for our clients.

But it is our client relationships that set us apart. The following three rules guide us on every matter and constitute the essence of our firm:

Everything we do for our clients is in the context of a long-term relationship.

Our goal is never merely the completion of some particular task. Our goal is always the thoughtful furtherance of our client's overall business objectives. What we are doing for a client at any one time, however important, is viewed as just one component of an alliance stretching far into the future.

2. Effective client relationships require absolute trust. Absolute trust requires absolute integrity.

We strive to ensure that our relationships with our clients are remarkable from day one. But as the relationship matures, we want our clients to stop thinking of us as an external service provider, and start thinking of us as an extension of their business. We want to be your trusted partner.

3. A good job isn't good enough. Only excellence is good enough


ABVP Law’s philosophy is that international outsourcing will only be referred to our associated law firms, whom will save our clients money without compromising quality.

We also are flexible on billing arrangements and, where appropriate, are willing to handle matters under a variety of fee alternatives to the traditional hourly rate method.

The right tool for the right job:

An old adage says that if you were a hammer, you would tend to treat everything like a nail. Unfortunately, that adage applies to some law firms; they develop a reputation for success with one legal tool, be it litigation or mediation or something entirely different. They use that tool for every problem, often at their client's expense.

We look at every problem objectively and in its context to find the solution. If it means hard-nosed litigation, we will do it. If the problem lends itself better to mediation or negotiation, we will use those tools instead. If the solution calls for a special skill we do not offer, we will find the right person for it. Our concern is what works for our clients.

A different approach:

ABVP Law is different. We know our services must contribute to our clients' profitability and success. If we can't do that, we haven't done our job. Our top flight legal skills and real world business experiences, coupled with the innovations we have brought to the practice of law, make ABVP Law a powerful asset for your business. We know we have succeeded when you come back for our advice or refer or recommend your colleagues to us.


The economy of the Republic of South Africa is the strongest in Africa and comprises a sophisticated modern "first-world" economy and an underdeveloped subsistence economy, which co-exist side by side.

South Africa's economy and society is internationally oriented. The economy is based on free market principles. Financial, commercial and industrial standards and customs should prove familiar to investors from the United States, Europe, Australasia, Japan and the rest of Asia. The country has abundant natural resources, a well-developed infrastructure and a highly sophisticated financial sector, which makes it a preferred "gateway" for investment into Sub-Saharan Africa. South Africa is currently the single largest foreign direct investor into Africa. Its mining, manufacturing and retail industries compare favourably with their counterparts in Europe, America and Asia. At the same time, the country faces the challenge of poverty and underdevelopment similar to that of other developing countries.

A stable democratic political system was introduced in 1994. The most recent national and provincial elections were held in 2004. A new Constitution (including a bill of rights entrenching basic human rights as well as protection for property rights) came into force on 4 February 1997.

The South African population comprises diverse ethnic, cultural and religious groups. South Africa has eleven official languages, each of which is afforded protection under the Constitution.

English is generally the most widely used language in national and provincial Government and in commerce.

Given these characteristics, South Africa offers investors a significant free market in its own right as well as a gateway to invest in Africa.